Media: August 2020

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St. George Mobile Clinic

Spaying and neutering your pets is the best way to curb the pet overpopulation problem and prevent homeless animals from entering the shelter system. The Humane Society of Utah opened its nonprofit spay/neuter clinic in 1962, and since that time, we’ve performed hundreds of thousands of sterilization surgeries. We currently average over 10,000 dog and cat spay and neuter operations each year. There is a critical demand for help in the Washington County, Utah area.

Will's Story

Will came to our clinic for medical services in June 2020 because his urine had turned dark, and he had quit eating and drinking. Our shelter vet diagnosed Will with bladder stones, known as uroliths or cystic calculi, which are rock-like formations of minerals in the urinary bladder. In dogs, bladder stones are more common than kidney stones. For Will to regain his health, our veterinarian recommended surgery to remove the stones. The cost of this operation with a specialist is roughly $3,400.   

Shelter Diversion Programs

Shelter diversion through pet retention and rehoming.

We have a great facility, and we work hard to provide the best possible care for the animals who come to us, but a shelter is still a stressful place for any animal. There is a shift in the animal welfare industry to divert animals from entering the shelter system when possible, thereby reserving the space and resources for the animals who need them most.

HERO Camp Modifications 2020

Due to the COVID-19 concern, we have made the following modifications to our H.E.R.O. Summer Kids' Camp this year:
  •  A maximum of eight campers with three staff members. Campers will stay together all day, each day.
  • To minimize the sharing of high-touch materials, each camper will be given their own plastic tote to use all week. They will be given all of their own supplies, which will be kept in their tote. The tote will also be used to store items from home.