Euthanasia services are available by appointment for guardians and pets who do not have access to other veterinary services. 

If you are working with a private veterinarian, please consult them. 

For euthanasia of dangerous animals who pose a safety risk to people or other animals, please contact your local municipal animal services agency.

  • Our Community Clinic provides euthanasia services for pets with up to three family members present, if desired, after providing proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Call 801-261-2919 x230 to schedule an appointment.
  • Our Admissions Department provides urgent and/or low-income discounted fee euthanasia services but guardians are not able to be present during the procedure. Rest assured that our highly-trained and compassionate staff will offer your pet the most humane treatment possible. Call 801-261-2919 x214 to schedule an appointment. 

We only euthanize by the injection of sodium pentobarbital (EBI). This is universally recognized as the most humane method of euthanasia for companion animals.

  • Guardians releasing an animal for euthanasia will need to provide personal identification, proof of ownership, and supporting information (such as medical records) about the need for euthanasia.
  • We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia service if guardianship or a medical/behavioral condition cannot be confirmed. We will NOT euthanize any healthy or treatable pet. If you are considering economic euthanasia for a treatable medical condition, the Humane Society of Utah may be able to help through our Pet Retention program.
  • We cannot euthanize a pet that has bitten within the last 10 days. If your pet has bitten a person breaking the skin within the last 10 days, by law, you must notify your local municipal animal services agency. 
  • We provide private cremation services for families who wish to keep the remains of their pet. Please speak with our staff for current pricing. For those who do not wish to keep the remains of their pet, communal interment services are included in the euthanasia fee.