Pet Retention Program

The Humane Society of Utah is focused on keeping pets in their current home if there is an acute solution to do so.
Unfortunately, despite loving their animals, families in crisis often feel they must resort to surrendering their pets because they don’t know where to turn for temporary assistance with pet food, medical, or behavior services. If you are looking for retention assistance, please contact 801-261-2919 ext 238.

Need help?

  • We are currently focusing our assistance on preventative care.
  • We are only able to offer assistance through our facility, and cannot provide funding to help with costs at an outside vet.
  • We ask that you have a diagnosis of the medical issue and are requesting our help in the solution.
  • We are not able to assist with allergies, diabetes, liver/kidney failure, orthopedic repairs, stomatitis, seizures, or other chronic conditions.
  • All pets that receive our assistance will need to be spayed or neutered unless previously altered.
  • While we are always here to help, we are not able to act as a 24-hour pet helpline.
  • If you are experiencing an animal-related emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest 24-hour vet facility. Examples of these emergencies could include, but are not limited to: Sick, dying animal, an animal found severely injured, or animals left in hot or cold cars.

Additional Resource Library The Humane Society of Utah exists to provide lifesaving resources for animals in need. Owners may decide to rehome or surrender their pet if they have no other available options.If you need to surrender your pet, you can schedule an appointment through our Admissions page.  

Click HERE if you are experiencing behavioral issues with your pet.