Adoption Fees

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The Humane Society of Utah's (HSU) adoption fees for dogs and cats include mandatory spay/neuter, microchip, first distemper combination immunization (second immunization is due 21 days after the first set at your own cost), deworming, cardboard carrier for cats or leash for dogs. All rabbits are also spayed/neutered. You will also receive a free wellness examination at a participating private veterinarian (this list will be provided upon adoption) and 30 days of free pet insurance from Petfirst Pet Insurance (must be activated at time of adoption.)

**Adoption Fees listed here are a base price only. We use a variable fee system and adoption fees may be higher depending on our V.I.P. Program or lower depending on current adoption specials. Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, feeding and medical care for the thousands of animals that need our help. We do our best to keep our adoption prices reasonable while generating income to support our goal of caring for every animal until we can place them in a new loving home. If you have any questions regarding the variable adoption fee for a specific animal, please call our Adoption Department at (801) 261-2919.

Dog and Cat Adoption Fees**

Puppy 5 months and younger

$150 - $600*

Puppy 6-11 months

$100 - $450*

Dog 1-6 years

$55 - $350*

Dog 7 years and older

Name Your Price+

Kitten 6 months and younger

$150 - $250*

Cat 7 months and older

Name Your Price+

Other Pet Adoption Fees**

One rabbit

Name Your Price+

One guinea pig

Bonded pair of guinea pigs




Bonded pair of ferrets




Bonded pair of chinchillas










Bonded pairs





* Discounted adoption fees apply for select animals who have been at the shelter 14 days or longer or special promotions.

+ Name Your Price means that you can pay $0, $5, $25, $50 or whatever you'd like to pay as a donation to HSU. A $5 minimum charge is requested to cover the leash/carrier, collar, tag and paperwork.

**All adoption fees listed here are a base price only. Adoption prices may be higher depending on our V.I.P. Program or lower depending on current adoption specials. If you have any questions regarding the adoption fee of a specific animal, please call our Adoptions department at (801) 261-2919.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

V.I.P Program Info

Adoption fees do not cover the expenses an animal may incur during their stay at our shelter. It costs an average of $30 per animal per day to cover food, shelter and veterinary care. Some animals do not require much veterinary care while others may require substantial resources to help them find a new home. 

Because our goal is to try and help as many animals find new loving homes as possible, we may increase the adoption fees for certain animals that are in higher demand: purebred, specialty or smaller breeds, puppies, kittens, or even animals with special needs. We usually receive numerous requests to adopt these V.I.P. pets. Their higher adoption fees help to cover the costs of some of their less-desirable shelter mates who may have to stay with us for a longer period.

If you adopt one of these Very Important Pets, know that you've helped save the life of more than one pet!

We know our shelter animals are PRICELESS and we're here to serve the community through all our programs and services. Thank you for choosing to adopt and not shop.