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We advocate for companion animals on the local, state, and federal level. Our team pushes for changes in the law to increase animal welfare, bring necessary support to Utah’s rescues and shelters, and preserve the human-animal bond.


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Housing Resources

Are you searching for pet friendly housing in Utah? We’ve compiled these resources to help you find the right abode for you and your BFF!

State-Level Advocacy

The 2022 Legislative Session This year, Utah’s legislative session officially starts on Tuesday, January 18. With just 45 short days in the session, it is sure to be … Read More

Utah Pet Care Regulations

Join the Humane Society of Utah in our advocacy effort to pass sweeping statewide regulations for pet care facilities and businesses!     There is currently little to no … Read More

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animal FAQs Preguntas frecuentes sobre los animales de asistencia For the Public- What is a service animal?  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), a service animal … Read More

Animal Hoarding in Utah

What To Do If I Suspect My Friend/Family Member/Neighbor is an Animal Hoarder? An often overlooked and underreported source of animal cruelty is animal hoarding. Animal hoarding tends to … Read More

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