Media: January 2017

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Meet Dougan!

Adoption Listing

Dougan is currently our longest resident dog at the Humane Society of Utah. He has been with us since the Summer of 2016. He's part of our Pets in Progress program (read more below) and we are committed to finding him the best home possible to ensure his future success. He is definitely ready for his new family to walk through the door! Please help us spread the word about Dougan!

Winky's Story

My boyfriend and I decided on a whim one day to come in and walk dogs. Before we left we ended up walking through the cats and "just looking". It only took me 3 days to decide I was going back for a kitty! When we came in to look we knew we were specifically looking for a black cat since they have such a hard time being placed into homes. We had 3 cats we were trying to choose from and decided to spend some time with one. We got the smallest most timid cat first and spent some quality time with her. We knew without a doubt that she was the one we wanted.

Chip's Story

I was able to have another family member come into our lives... His name is CHIP. He could not have been a better fit for our family and my other dog Saydee. We love him so much and it has only been 2 days. Thank you very much for allowing us to have him.

-- Dawn