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A Foster Hospice Story

On November 4, 2019, a 6-year-old white and tan happy-go-lucky dog came to our shelter. Her name was Wendy, and while we see tons of animals every day, there was something special about this one. Perhaps it was the gigantic grin she had spread across her round, squishy face or the way she would trustingly (and often unexpectedly) wiggle her way into a stranger’s lap for cuddles. Initially, we had no problem finding her a home. She was quickly taken in by a foster family, where she happily stayed until she developed a cough and had to come back to our shelter for a wellness check.

Action Alert: Universal Charitable Deduction

We need your help!

Congress is currently considering legislation that will increase charitable giving to nonprofit organizations such as the Utah Humane Society. Contact your Congressperson and tell them that you support a universal charitable deduction and they should, too. 

Utah Humane Society takes action in response to COVID-19

Murray, UT (Mar. 24, 2020) – Shelter clinic services ended temporarily and other organizational updates
The Utah Humane Society announced that it has suspended its clinic services in response to Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert’s executive order. The order states that health care facilities, including veterinary clinics, must postpone all elective surgeries and procedures on March 25, 2020, to preserve protective equipment needed by doctors and nurses treating patients with COVID-19. 

Local animal shelters unite at the Utah State Capitol to meet with legislators

Local animal shelters unite at the Utah State Capitol to meet with legislators
WHAT:   The Utah Humane Society and multiple local animal control services gather in solidarity to meet with legislators. Shelter staff, officers and animals will gather from 9 a.m. to noon on the South Steps of the Utah State Capitol building. 
WHEN:  Tuesday, Feb. 11