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A Year in Review: St. George Clinic

In September 2020, the Humane Society of Utah launched a new spay/neuter and vaccination clinic in St. George. As the only low-cost clinic in the area, it provided a much-needed community resource in Washington County. In 2021, the St. George Clinic was voted “Best of Southern Utah” as a silver nonprofit organization.  

Big Red’s Story: A Feral Cat’s Unexpected Transformation

Big Red is an unusual cat with a remarkable story. Not only is he the largest feral cat to come to the Humane Society of Utah’s clinic in St. George, but he’s also the oldest at four years old.  Typically, feral cats are much slimmer and considered lucky if they live to five due to the spread of fatal diseases. The feral cats treated at our St. George clinic are typically aged one-three. 

Understanding urinary tract issues in cats

Cats can experience urinary tract issues which can lead to house soiling. This is the top reason older cats are surrendered to the Humane Society of Utah. In addition, cats that develop urinary tract infections can sometimes suffer from endocrine diseases, including hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus. 

Often the former guardians are unaware of the urinary tract issues, and it isn’t until they are in our care that they find out. Luckily, some families are willing to reunite with their beloved feline friends once they are informed and a treatment plan has been implemented. 

Renovations To Kitty City & Tiny Town

Renovations to Tiny Town and Kitty City were made possible by these Humane Society of Utah supporters; B is for Brooklyn Parks, Cathy Nelson, India Nielsen, Jodie Rust, Randall Emmett, Reija Toscano, and Toshiko Burton.


Wags to Wishes 2021 Gala Recap

On Saturday, December 4th, 2021, the Humane Society of Utah celebrated 61 years of helping animals during its annual Wags to Wishes Gala, sponsored by the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation. The hour-long event was held virtually this year. It included live videos from HSU’s leadership team, special guests, an interactive bingo game, silent and live items, and an opportunity for participants to send in selfies featured in real-time. 

'Tis the Season to Keep Your Pets

White puppy with red bow tie on red blanket with white background

The holiday season is a joyous time when everyone decorates, cooks, and comes together to celebrate with loved ones, including their furry family members. With the holiday hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget about the potential dangers of holiday festivities for pets. The Humane Society of Utah offers these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe this holiday season.

Grey and white kitten in red tin can that has Happy Holiday text on front

Charitable Remainder Trusts – a Tax Efficient Way for Donors to Give & Receive

person sitting on bench outdoors with tan and white dog and tabby colored cat

By Lisa R. Schneider AAMS, AIF

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) can be a great way for donors to plan for both charitable giving and tax efficient benefits to themselves, their spouses, or others. Tax savings are generated because donors receive income, gift, and estate tax deductions for the value of their charitable donations and can defer or avoid capital gains tax when appreciated assets are donated.

What is a CRT?

Humane Society of Utah Celebrate's Four Years of Fall into Love

For the fourth year, the Humane Society of Utah has partnered with Mountain America Credit Union to help homeless pets find new homes before the holidays. This year's Fall In Love event will be held Monday through Friday on November 15-19, and all adoption fees will be waived thanks to Mountain America's partnership!


November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Sadly, many animals find themselves in shelters during their golden years. While some senior pets can require extra care, they’re no less deserving of loving homes! 

As with people, age can affect pets too. Some senior pets may require special diets or medicine to help manage things like arthritis. However, we think every animal should spend their golden years surrounded by comfort in a loving home. Senior pets still have a lot to offer and often fit right in with all their lived experiences.