A Year in Review: St. George Clinic

In September 2020, the Humane Society of Utah launched a new spay/neuter and vaccination clinic in St. George. As the only low-cost clinic in the area, it provided a much-needed community resource in Washington County. In 2021, the St. George Clinic was voted “Best of Southern Utah” as a silver nonprofit organization.  

The clinic has officially celebrated its first year and has already achieved great success in the St. George animal-loving community. In 2021, our St. George Clinic spayed/neutered 3,265 cats and dogs. These surgeries are the first step in helping curb the pet overpopulation issue that burdens surrounding animal control agencies.

Additionally, 5,095 vaccines were administered to cats and dogs in the community These core vaccinations not only help keep community-owned pets healthy but also protect pet owners and other community members from dangerous viruses like rabies.

HSU aims to continue serving the people and companion animals of St. George and surrounding areas, whether by keeping owned pets happy and healthy with preventative care or committing to helping homeless animals through our rescue partners in the area.