Humane Society of Utah Celebrate’s Four Years of Fall in Love

For the fourth year, the Humane Society of Utah has partnered with Mountain America Credit Union to help homeless pets find new homes before the holidays. This year’s Fall In Love event will be held Monday through Friday on November 15-19, and all adoption fees will be waived thanks to Mountain America’s partnership!

To learn more about Mountain America and what motivates their team members to support Utah’s homeless pets so passionately, our Corporate Giving and Communications Manager, Shannon Egan, interviewed Brittani Forbush from the AVP Strategic Partnerships Marketing Team for MACU. Here’s what she had to say: 

Shannon Egan (SE): How did Mountain America come up with the idea to do an event like this?

Brittani Forbush (BF): Over the years, we’ve helped save hundreds of pets for the Humane Society of Utah through the Mountain America Pet of the Week program. To help save even more animals and give them a home before the holidays, we created the Fall In Love event in 2018. Through our special adoption events, we’ve helped more than 400 pets find their forever homes.

SE: Why is it important to you to waive adoption fees for individuals and families?

BF: More than covering the adoption fees, this program creates awareness and helps connect pets to their new families.

SE: What is the overall goal of this event?

BF: Our Fall in Love event is all about saving as many pets as possible. Adopting out so many pets right before the holidays provides the pathway for additional pets at overcrowded shelters and owner-surrenders to be welcomed at the Humane Society of Utah and find new homes.

SE: Why does Mountain America have such a soft spot for homeless pets? 

BF: As an organization, Mountain America is committed to giving back and improving the quality of life of our employees and community members. Many of our employees have fur babies of their own and are passionate about supporting the Humane Society’s lifesaving mission. We realized how important pets were to our employees when we did a pet photo contest a few years ago, and over 400 employees participated. Over the past three years, hundreds of Mountain America employees have served at the Humane Society during the annual Month of Caring event.

SE: Can you tell us about your dog, Hank, whom you adopted from the Humane Society of Utah years ago? 

BF: I first met Hank (formerly Flip) and Roger (formerly Milkshake) at the 2018 Humane Society Gala. Immediately, I noticed that the two of them were inseparable. At that point, I knew Hank and Roger needed to stay together. After talking to my sister, we decided that I would adopt Hank and she’d adopt Roger. Fast forward three and a half years, the two of them are still best buddies.

SE: What is your favorite memory of Hank? 

BF: While potty training Hank, he stayed in the laundry room while I was at work. My dad would come to my house to check on him during the day, and for several days in a row, he found that Hank had escaped and was in another room of the house. We couldn’t figure out how he got over the gate until one weekend when we stayed at my parent’s house. My dad walked into the room and saw Hank in his kennel doing pull-ups and using his kennels as a way to get on top of things!

SE: What do you appreciate most about Hank? 

BF: Hank loves everyone and is so happy. He enjoys having human and puppy friends over and greets everyone with kisses. Even when my nephew pulls his hair or accidentally hits him, Hank just kisses him.

On behalf of all our team members at Utah Humane, we want to thank Mountain America Credit Union for all they do for us! It’s because of generous sponsors like Mountain America that we’re able to provide veterinary care, safe shelter, and love to the thousands of animals who come through our doors. 

For those interested in adopting during this event,  you’ll need to make an appointment by day, and you can come anytime on the day you are scheduled between 10 am – 7 pm. To make an appointment, check availability, and view safety precautions, please visit