If you’ve found a lost/stray animal

You should report stray animals by phone to your nearest Animal Control agency (either your municipal or county shelter). If the dog or cat is friendly and approachable, you can try to contain the animal to determine if it has an identification tag on with a name, address or phone number of its owner. If no identification tag is present, you can transport the animal to your local animal control services to be scanned for a microchip and held to reunite with the owner. 

The Humane Society of Utah does not take in stray pets and requires proof of ownership for surrendered pets. Since owners will be searching for their lost pet in their local area, taking a lost or stray animal to your local animal control services offers owners the best chance of finding their pet.  

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If you’ve lost a pet

The Humane Society of Utah urges you to visit your local Animal Control services and local veterinary clinics in person since it may be difficult to find a pet based on a verbal description or photo. Keep checking with other shelters as the stray holding period depends on when the animal was received.

Try the Facebook group Utah Lost and Found Pets.

Petco Love Lost

petco love lost

We partner with Petco Love Lost to make reuniting lost pets easier and free by using facial recognition technology to search a national database. 

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We also strongly recommend having your pet microchipped and registered to you as a safe and permanent way to identify your animal. Remember to keep your contact information updated with your pet microchip registration company.