Lifesaving Programs

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The Humane Society of Utah currently embraces and will continue to expand a variety of programs to save more lives each year.

Adopt Volunteer Foster Donate Humane Society of Utah Photobooth dogs

  • Veterinary care and sterilization surgeries for all homeless companion animals in our care.
  • Affordable spay/neuter and vaccination services for the community through our in-house clinic.
  • Foster Care in the homes of over 200 volunteers for special needs, ill, injured or baby animals to ensure adoptability.
  • Humane Education teaching children responsible pet ownership, the humane treatment of animals and the homeless pet population crisis.
  • A transfer network of partner facilities and groups to place more dogs and cats.
  • Animal behavior assessments, positive reinforcement training, and enrichment activities to keep pets mentally and emotionally healthy while at our shelter.
  • Positive marketing and social media to increase the visibility of adoptable pets and engage the public in our efforts to control the pet population and increase adoptions (like Flower, pictured to the right, one of the many pets featured in our Photobooth Dogs series).
  • A Volunteer program with over 1,400 active volunteers to keep all pets healthy and happy at our facility.
  • Promotion of legislation and ordinances at the state, city and county levels that will enhance the welfare of animals in Utah.