Pet Profile

In what city is this pet located? Millcreek, Utah
Pet Gender Female
Spayed/Neutered? 1
Pet's Age 5 months
Pet's Breed and Color half Siamese; has true siamese coloring
Tell us about your pet. Merida, an older kitten is not for everyone. She was born outside last summer to a feral Siamese mother who took her responsibility seriously to raise her three kittens. In order to prevent another generation of kittens I trapped Merida and her sister Sylvie: they were spayed and vaccinated. I took them into my home. Slowly, they became accustomed to humans and even to desire human company, developing some typical Siamese characteristics: affectionate, playful, curious, fastidious with cat litter,and lap cats unless they had something important to investigate. In Merida and Silvie's best interest, they would prefer to go to a home together. Also, being dedicated in-house cats will prevent them from running away to the call of the wild.

Contact Information

First Name Martha
Your Phone Number
Email [email protected]
Last modified January 19, 2022
* This pet is available for rehoming without any fees paid to the current guardian. The Humane Society of Utah supports good faith efforts to responsibly rehome and encourages both guardians and potential adopters to beware of fraud.

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