2016 Kitten Shower

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Join us online for a 2016 Kitten Shower to celebrate and care for the hundreds of new kittens we're expecting at HSU this summer! 

Our Foster Department receives nursing kittens with their mom and orphaned kittens that need to be bottle fed and cared for until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted into a loving home (8-10 weeks old). Raising newborn and weaning kittens is a time-consuming task, but being a foster parent is a satisfying and rewarding experience. If you're up to the challenge of becoming a foster parent and saving lives, apply online HERE or email bconrad@utahhumane.org. Please note: bottle-feeding kittens need to be fed every 2-4 hours (depending on age) around the clock until they are weaned (around 5-6 weeks of age). Foster parents must be able to bring kittens in on schedule for vaccinations and be willing to provide some supplies. The HSU Foster Care Department will provide milk-replacement formula and any needed medications only.

Kitten Gift Registry -- check out our Amazon.com Kitten Shower Wish Listmake a donation online or bring in an item to our Foster Care Department during regular business hours. Every baby needs a soft blanket, a warm bed and nutritious food to eat... our kittens deserve no less!

Sample of items needed:

kitten milk replacement formula (powdered, Breeders Edge or KMR brand preferred)

baby blankets and burp cloths

Snuggle Safe heating discs

kitten nursing kits

weaning kitten wet and dry food (Royal Canin babycat or kitten brand preferred)

small litter boxes

non-clumping cat litter