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Urgent Appeal to Community: Protect Our Neighborhood from Toxic Cement Manufacturing

Neighborhood from Toxic Cement Manufacturing

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            Sept. 6, 2023

News Release

The Humane Society of Utah Issues Urgent Appeal to Community: Protect Our Neighborhood from Toxic Cement Manufacturing

Murray — Utah, Sept. 6, 2023 — The Humane Society of Utah, a dedicated advocate for the well-being of animals and our community, urgently calls upon our fellow neighbors and Murray residents to take a stand against the potential establishment of a cement block and stone manufacturing plant in our neighborhood. Legacy Materials, a company seeking approval from the Murray City Planning and Zoning Commission, aims to operate a manufacturing facility at 4300 South 300 West. In the lot immediately south of the Humane Society of Utah facility.

The Murray Planning and Zoning Commission hearing is scheduled for Sept. 7, 6:30 p.m., at the City Council Chambers, 10 East 4800 South Murray, Utah. We implore all community members to attend this hearing and voice your opposition to the proposed cement manufacturing plant. Your presence at this event will help protect our Murray City and its residents, both human and animal alike.

“The Environmental Working Group reports that silica particles can cause poor air quality conditions in a 750m radius around a site, which is almost 0.5 miles. The HSU campus is directly north of the proposed site, well within the danger zone,” said Timna Fischbein, DVM, Medical Director at the Humane Society of Utah. “The potential health complications outlined in the medical literature combined with the lack of a dust mitigation plan makes this location highly unsuitable for a concrete block manufacturing and storage facility.”

The Danger of Toxic Cement Dust

  • Legacy Materials proposed manufacturing process involves creating, forming, and cutting cement products, which generate highly toxic cement dust. This hazardous dust is expected to disperse over the neighborhood, including businesses and homes. The composition of this cement dust includes harmful substances such as Calcium oxide, Silicone dioxide, Aluminum dioxide, Ferric oxide, and Sulfur oxide.
  • Exposure to these chemicals can lead to severe health problems in people and animals. Potential risks include chronic respiratory illnesses like COPD, emphysema, lung carcinoma, pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and the possibility of other cancers and kidney damage.
  • The fine nature of the cement dust makes it nearly impossible to filter using standard HVAC equipment.

Craig S. Cook, Board President, stated: “The Humane Society of Utah firmly believes that a manufacturing facility of this nature should never be allowed in such proximity to our residents and businesses. We urge you to join us in taking action to prevent this potential threat to the community.”

If you cannot attend the hearing in person, we encourage you to email your concerns to [email protected].


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