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Tormund Giantsbane’s Hoppy New Beginning

Sara adopted Tormund Giantsbane, a 9-month-old male angora giant rabbit, from our Adoption Resource Center on Mother’s Day. She’d seen his photo on our billboard on I-15 and thought he was beyond cute with his impossibly long and fluffy ears.  

“I grew up on a farm with rabbits and had always been told they belonged outdoors and didn’t make good pets,” explained Sara. “I believed this until I adopted my first rabbit, Jango, years ago and witnessed for myself how incredibly personable and smart she was.”

Jango’s striking personality made Sara want to learn more about rabbits as pets. She was surprised to discover that these small mammals are generally very clean, easily potty trained, and incredibly social and playful.

When Jango passed away in 2018, Sara knew she wanted to adopt another rabbit one day but needed time to grieve. It wasn’t until Sara’s husband – after hearing his wife share all about the adorable rabbit she’d seen on our billboard – gifted her with rabbit supplies for Mother’s Day that she knew it was time.

“I drove to the Humane Society of Utah to adopt him that day, and he’s been a precious addition to our family ever since. He’s the sweetest, most curious bunny I’ve ever met. We have a dog and a new baby, but he pretty much rules the roost. We absolutely adore him!”

Sara says Tormund’s pretty silly, too. He likes to bop her with his head to signal that he wants more attention, and he will regularly dump his food on the floor to find the best bits to eat first.

As his caregiver, she makes sure he has plenty of indoor space to free roam and an outdoor run so he can play in the sunshine. In addition, she regularly grooms his angora wool to keep his coat free from mats and reduce the risk of wool blocks.

Sara shared, “both my rabbits have been very affectionate and helped alleviate my anxiety. These animals are worth learning more about.”

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