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‘Tis the Season to Keep Your Pets

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The holiday season is a joyous time when everyone decorates, cooks, and comes together to celebrate with loved ones, including their furry family members. With the holiday hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget about the potential dangers of holiday festivities for pets. The Humane Society of Utah offers these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe this holiday season.

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Holiday safety tips for pets:

  1. The following foods can cause anything from vomiting and diarrhea to liver failure. Ask guests not to share food with your pets during holiday parties. Your family and friends may mean well, but this is an excellent opportunity to share healthy pet tips like these.
    • Cooked bird bones, skin, turkey fat, ham, and gravy.
    • Stuffing and other dishes with onions, garlic, grapes, and raisins.
    • Desserts. Especially those containing chocolate or xylitol.
  1. Avoid these winter plants, which are poisonous to cats and dogs: Poinsettias, Holly and Mistletoe, Lilies and Daffodils, and Amaryllis.
  2. Christmas trees may pose a danger to pets if they knock them over or ingest tinsel or ornaments, which may resemble their regular toys in shapes and colors. We suggest placing baby gates in doorways to keep pets away from the tree if they are overly interested in your tree.
  3. Keep all food and trash out of reach. This can be one of the hardest things to remember on a busy holiday. Those table scraps may be too tempting to your pet. If you do not have a locking lid on your trash can, try placing it in the pantry or taking your trash out before enjoying dinner.
  4. If you add a new kitten or puppy to your family, keep them safe by getting them vaccinated.
  5. Keep fresh water available to drink. Dogs typically pant more when they feel stressed, so they may require more water on a busy holiday.
  6. Provide access to a quiet place to retreat from the crowds. This gives your pets the option to venture out to visit if they feel like it and will help them be more at ease if they need space.
  7. Provide them with some pet-friendly fun!
    • Give them a treat dispenser, such as a treat stuffed Kong for dogs or a long-lasting chew.
    • Surprise them with a new toy! 
    • Consider playing some tunes or leaving TV or cat-friendly Youtube videos in a separate room for them.

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