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The Humane Society of Utah Celebrates June as Adopt a Cat Month

Women looks at shelter cat while giving it chin scratches in Kitty City.

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News Release

The Humane Society of Utah Celebrates June as Adopt a Cat Month, Highlighting the Benefits of Feline Adoption

Murray, Utah, June 1, 2023 — The Humane Society of Utah (HSU) is thrilled to announce the arrival of June, officially designated as Adopt a Cat Month, a time to celebrate the joys and rewards of feline companionship. As the leading animal welfare organization in the state, HSU encourages potential pet parents to consider adopting a cat or kitten from their shelters and experience the numerous benefits of feline adoption.

With an array of adorable cats and kittens eagerly awaiting loving homes, the Humane Society of Utah invites the community to explore the possibility of bringing a furry friend into their lives. “Adoption is a life-changing decision that not only enriches the lives of the adopter and the adopted but also saves the lives of countless animals in need.” Said Guinnevere Shuster, Director of Marketing & Communications at the Humane Society of Utah.

During Adopt a Cat Month, HSU emphasizes the following advantages of adopting a cat or kitten from their shelters:

  1. Lifelong Companionship: Cats provide loyal companionship and unconditional love. Whether curling up on your lap or greeting you with a purr after a long day, cats are known for their unique ability to bring joy and comfort to their owners.
  2. Health and Happiness: Numerous studies have shown that interacting with cats can have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. Cats are excellent stress relievers, helping to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.
  3. Save a Life: By adopting a cat from HSU, you become a hero by giving an animal a second chance at life. Each adoption opens up space in the shelter, allowing HSU to rescue and care for more animals in need.
  4. Expert Guidance and Support: The Humane Society of Utah provides valuable resources and assistance to adopters, ensuring a smooth transition for both the cat and their new family. From behavioral tips to medical guidance, HSU is committed to supporting the bond between pets and their owners.
  5. Pre-Adoption Care: All cats and kittens available for adoption at HSU receive thorough medical examinations, necessary vaccinations, microchipping, teeth cleanings if needed, and are spayed or neutered before joining their new families.

To learn more about Adopt a Cat Month events and view the available cats and kittens, visit the Humane Society of Utah’s website at Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #AdoptACatMonth and help spread the word about the importance of feline adoption.

Photos/b-roll of current adoptable cats/kittens at HSU for media use are available here.


About the Humane Society of Utah

The Humane Society of Utah is dedicated to the elimination of pain, fear, and suffering in all animals. Since 1960, the Utah Humane Society has been sheltering homeless animals, fighting cruelty and neglect, and creating an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and compassion for all animals. As the largest private nonprofit animal resource center in the state, the Humane Society Society welcomes any companion animal that can legally be admitted. We work hard to ensure that every healthy and treatable pet that enters the facility will be placed into a loving home. The Humane Society of Utah is a local, independent 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization that does not receive any state or government funding and is not a branch of any national organization. It is funded by the contributions of individuals, businesses, and foundations. Read more online at

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