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Spreading Compassion: Kira’s Story

Husky looking up and smiling

At the Humane Society of Utah, we are fortunate to witness many stories of healing, resilience, and transformation. All of these stories are special in their own way, but Kira’s is particularly memorable. This beautiful husky teaches us that compassion has a ripple effect, and often extends beyond the walls of our facility. When Kira needed urgent help, the HSU community rallied around her. Today, not only is Kira healthy and thriving, but she is spreading compassion in her own way, bringing joy to people in her community who need it most.

A Dog In Need

When Kira arrived at HSU in early 2024 she needed urgent medical attention. She had significant damage in both eyes causing terrible discomfort. The scarring in one eye was so severe that it bulged from her face and her vision was limited, if not completely gone. Kira was clearly suffering and we could not let her continue in her condition. Removing both eyes would give Kira the best chance at a life free from pain and discomfort so we scheduled her for surgery. 

Husky after eye surgery

Eye removal surgery is an intense experience and the road to recovery takes time. Kira’s body needed to heal from the extensive procedure. Plus, any vision she might have had was now completely gone. With the help of a dedicated foster volunteer, she adjusted to life without her eyes. Through the whole ordeal Kira never lost her spirit. As she recovered and regained a sense of normalcy, her foster reported that she was sweet, intelligent, and curious. She loved going for walks, she navigated the world around her through smells and sounds, and she even learned to play fetch with the help of some noisy toys! 

As we all watched Kira heal and blossom we became excited for the next chapter of her life. We knew things were looking up for Kira, but at the time we had no idea how her kind and curious spirit would touch the lives of those around her.

Kira’s New Beginning

Lara Edwards was looking for a new addition to the family, and Kira caught her attention immediately. She knew that adopting a blind animal would come with some challenges, but that didn’t deter her. As Lara describes, “I knew she was the one right away.” 

These days, Kira is living a great life in her new home. Lara and her family found that with the right tools it did not take long for Kira to adjust to her surroundings. She quickly became friends with the family cat and formed a special bond with Lara’s daughter. The family is careful to keep her environment consistent so she knows her way around, just like any other dog. Lara tells us, “she has free range of the entire house and loves to nap and relax anywhere she wants”. And of course, the house is filled with her favorite squeaky toys!

Spreading Compassion in the Community

The story of a dog who was suffering and found the help she needed is incredible. If this story ended here, we would already be in awe of Kira’s transformation and the people who supported her along the way. But what makes this story extra special is the love and joy Kira brings to her community since finding her new home. Every week Lara, her daughter, and Kira volunteer their time at a local assisted living facility. The residents light up whenever Kira comes around. She is great at giving kisses, politely asking for pets, posing for photos, or just being a warm presence when someone needs a friend. We know how important it is for people and animals alike to have a sense of community. When someone is struggling or lonely, it means so much to feel connected to another living being. It is amazing to watch Kira and her family spreading compassion and making a difference in the lives of others.

The staff and residents have come to enjoy Kira so much, you might even call her a celebrity! She even has a special poster displayed around the facility, so residents know when they can look forward to a visit from Kira. 

Poster of Kira the Husky

Kira’s story is a perfect example of what happens when animals receive the help and compassion they need to thrive. Choosing a dog with special needs will always come with some unique challenges. But we didn’t just see Kira’s challenges and neither did Lara. We saw a dog with a zest for life and so much love to give. Kira received support and comfort when she needed it most, and now she provides support and comfort to others. If you take a chance on a special needs animal, an older animal, or an animal who has been overlooked, you never know how they might surprise you. As Lara describes, “I am the luckiest person in the world because Kira came into my life.”

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