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Mitts’ Story: An Untrusting Cat Finds a True Friend

Mitts, a five-year-old cat with white-colored paws, came to the Humane Society of Utah’s Pet Resource Center in a mood – and she had every right to be. She’d just been surrendered to us by her owners for soiling the house and was recently diagnosed with urine crystals, which occur when the urine pH is off balance. These crystals make urination difficult and can be very painful and dangerous.  

Black cat with white chin, chest, and toes sit on a tan leather chair.

Testy temperament

After Mitts received a thorough exam by our veterinarian, she was placed on a lifelong prescription diet to keep her pH levels balanced and then placed for adoption. Mary Wilson, our long-time Kitty City volunteer, remembers Mitts well. “She wasn’t the friendliest cat – very undersocialized. She seemed untrusting and would hiss, swat, and try to bite at anyone who came to visit her. Eventually, we had to lock the door to her room, and visitors could only see her with staff supervision.”

Due to Mitts’ testy temperament, it took a while for her to find a home. One month passed by, then three, then five. During this time, she stopped eating regularly, and our adoption staff grew concerned for her well-being. They’d grown very fond of Mitts and wanted her to find a home, but they were losing hope. 

Mitts a black cat and white cat sits on top of cabinet next to white orchid plant.

“Mitts sounded like a project to me, and I could relate.”

Then, in March 2022, David, a 69-year-old senior, read Mitts’ bio on our website and found her story appealing. It told of a cat that was a long-time resident who was very shy towards new people but had the potential to warm up with time, love, and care. Her bio also recommended that Mitts be placed in a low-traffic home without other pets or kids. David’s home fit this description perfectly, and he was intrigued by the challenge. “Mitts sounded like a project to me, and I could relate. Since I had recently filed for divorce, moved from a house to an apartment, and had three heart surgeries, I felt like a project myself. We were both going through a transition, so she seemed the perfect fit.”

When David first met Mitts in Kitty City, she was withdrawn and glared at him hostilely. But David didn’t take it personally. He understood she’d had a rough go at it and was probably stressed, so he sat with her patiently. “I didn’t try to touch or get close to her. I let her be, and she seemed to appreciate that.” After some time together, Mitts gave David a few slow blinks to let him know she felt comfortable resting with him, and he decided to adopt her that day. 

Our adoption staff and volunteers were over the moon with this news. Mary shared, “David seemed to know what Mitts needed most. He took time to understand her and let her get accustomed to him. He was willing to give her all the time she needed, and while she may never be a lap cat, I believe she can really blossom with him.” 

Meet our long-term residents in Kitty City

If you are interested in adopting one of the current long-term residents in Kitty City, visit Tinkerbell, Clover, or Princess Bell online or in person at 4242 South 300 West in Murray.

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