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Introducing a new pet to your pets at home

Our trained staff is here to help guide you when introducing a new pet to your pets at home. We want everyone to be safe and happy, so please follow these suggestions carefully and don’t rush the process.
We recommend that you do not immediately introduce your pets at home to a newly adopted pet. Consider how you will manage an isolation period and be sure all existing pets are up to date on vaccinations and other routine health care before bringing a new pet home.

Facilitating positive pet-to-pet introductions will require some management on your part. Not all pets are instant friends and may require temporary or intermittent separation to ensure a smooth transition. Some pets are happy to share their home within a week or two, others may take a month or longer to adjust.

Our adoption counselors will be happy to review steps to properly introduce your new pet to your resident pets.

Introducing your adopted dog to the dogs at home.

Training Resources – Additional Resources from our Behavior Team

View this fun video from Bad Rap for helpful tips.

Helpful tips from Jackson Galaxy about introducing your new cat to a cat at home.

We hope this helps you introduce your newly adopted pet to any resident pets! If you need more help, contact us.

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