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ES(A+): Nimbus’s Story

Nimbus sat in his kennel, watching adopters walk past him. He tilted his head, wagged his tail, and gave his best puppy dog eyes. Someone had to take notice of the 8-month-old husky pup, eventually, right?

Nimbus had been adopted and returned once due to no fault of his own. Although Humane Society of Utah staff members work hard to create a comfortable environment for the pets in our care, returning to the shelter can be difficult. He was beginning to demonstrate some stress-related behaviors as the shelter weighed on his mental health.

Little did Nimbus know, his soon-to-be family had been keeping an eye out for him for quite some time. He wouldn’t have to wait much longer to go home.

“We wanted a husky in our household,” Jasmyne said. “We had been watching Nimbus for a while, and decided to adopt him for our son’s birthday.”

So, Nimbus finally went home! But just like his human family surprised Nimbus with his adoption, he also had a little something up his sleeve. Nimbus would go on to fill a very special role within his new family.

Becoming an ESA

Jasmyne has a young son with Autism, and he suffers from night terrors. Nimbus was always meant to be a companion for his young friend, but no one could have predicted that he would turn out to be an ESA, or Emotional Support Animal, as well!

“Nimbus has been a breath of fresh air for our son,” Jasmyne said. “He is always by his side. If he is having night terrors, Nimbus immediately jumps on his bed, laying with him to comfort him.  We’re in the process of making him an ESA.”

It is important to remember that ESAs are not service animals, as they have not undergone specialized training to perform tasks for their guardian’s health. However, medical professionals prescribe ESAs to provide companionship and/or mitigate anxiety and other mental health issues. ESAs play a special role in their human companion’s life; not just any pet can fill it!

Helping out his Puppy Pals

The humans in Nimbus’s household are not the only ones who benefit from Nimbus’s presence! He now has two doggie siblings who Nimbus loves to play with.

“We have a very chunky blue heeler and a corgi red heeler mix,” Jasmyne shared. “The blue heeler loves to go out and play with Nimbus in the yard and chase him. It’s so good for her health to exercise out there with him!”

Jasmyne’s other pup wasn’t as sure about Nimbus in the beginning, but they are slowly but surely becoming friends. Jasmyne describes Hank as “loving Nimbus in his own way.”

Nimbus shows his enthusiasm in a unique way— he likes to sit on the other dogs in his household to get them to play! Jasmyne says he constantly wants to play with anyone who will entertain him, but he is very gentle about this, especially when it comes to kids and the elderly.

Happily Ever After

So it would seem that Nimbus is living his best life, full of pup cups, freeze-dried chicken, and car rides! His new family notes that he is quiet for a husky, and he doesn’t talk or howl much. Instead, Nimbus expresses himself through his cuddle bug personality and attachment to his humans. Jasmyne describes him as an amazing fit for her family.

“He is such a good boy, and we wouldn’t want to change anything about him!” She concluded.

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