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Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners

Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners

Many parts of Utah are prone to wildfires. Having an emergency plan in place can help keep you and your pet safe. Follow the steps below to help you and your animals be ready if you need to evacuate during an emergency. 

Plan Ahead

Most evacuation shelters generally don’t accept pets, and for this reason, it’s crucial to research hotels and motels outside your local area for pet policies. In addition, you can ask friends or family if they are willing to house your pets during an emergency. Boarding your pet at a local facility is another option. 

No matter where you end up, having enough crates to move all of your pets at the same time is essential. Being emergency-ready also means training your animals to enter crates quickly. Practicing often and making the experience as positive as possible will set your pet up for success. For more information on crate training, click here

Being able to access information quickly is vital. Using sources such as can help keep you informed on the spread of fires in our state.


Make sure your pet’s microchip and ID tags are current and up to date. Your pets should be wearing proper identification at all times.; this includes animals who don’t usually go outside. Having a cloth collar you can write a phone number on in sharpie is a quick and inexpensive form of pet identification. 

Pack and store an easy to access Pet Emergency Kit

Here are a few of the items we suggest. Keep the following supplies in a sturdy waterproof container: 

  • Vaccination and medical records
  • Extra leashes and collars
  • Seven days supply of food and water with bowls
  • Two weeks of your pet’s medications
  • Photos and descriptions of each pet
  • Crates, bedding, and toys
  • Litter boxes with litter (for cat owners)
  • Stickers you can attach to your pet’s tags with your intended destination or temporary contact information.

Keeping your pet comfortable during an evacuation can help reduce stress. Remember, in case of a fire or earthquake, our animals rely on us to help them escape. So the more prepared for an emergency you are, the safer you and your pets will be!

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