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Do bunnies make great pets? You bet!

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Bunnies are the third most common animal at the Humane Society of Utah after cats and dogs. Still, many people aren’t aware of what great pets they make!

Did you know that rabbits can be litter box trained, just like a cat? Once litter trained, they can freely roam around the house and become involved in daily activities. These curious creatures love to explore and relax. When bunnies bond with their owners, they often enjoy cuddling or lying next to you.

Just like dogs and cats, bunnies have individual personalities – they’ll often follow you around, get excited around mealtime, and ask for attention. They can also learn tricks! For example, how to come when called, walk on hind legs, do spins, or even participate in bunny agility.

They’re also self groomers, which means they keep themselves clean. While rabbits may be small, quiet, and relatively tidy house pets, they require the same attention, care, and love that our other companion animals do. Rabbits can live up to eight to ten years, so they are a big commitment. They also enjoy the companionship of another rabbit friend, as they are very social animals.

Bunnies need ample room to hop around and do best living indoors. Therefore, they require a contained space or bunny-proof room where they can stretch out and run around for at least 4 hours a day. Since they are prey animals having a space to hide out is key. Bunnies also enjoy enrichment, toys, and require wood chews to keep their teeth healthy.

Are you ready to add a bunny to your home? If so, visit to view our adoptable bunnies online. When you adopt a bunny from HSU, they come spayed/neutered and microchipped. 

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