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Adventure is Out There: Rainey’s Story

Adventure Dog Rainey sits atop a rocky mountain peak with snow capped mountains in the background.

If you’ve ever wondered about the definition of “adventure dog,” Rainey’s picture is right next to it in the dictionary… or at least it would be if “adventure dog” were in the dictionary. However, that isn’t how Rainey’s story began… first, she was just a dog in a shelter, waiting to find her family.

From shelter dog to adventure dog

Rainey was adopted from the Humane Society of Utah in 2014 by her human, Tiffany. Little did either of them know then that for the next 9+ years, they would be best friends, travel companions, one another’s support system, and more.

“Rainey has been at my side through career changes, moving states, and everything life has thrown at us… She loves to travel, adores the sunshine, and loves adventures and camping. She tolerates her little sister and her bird siblings and is gentle and kind with everyone she meets,” Tiffany said.

Rainey’s interests besides adventure include popcorn and cheese (but really any snacks), meeting people wherever she goes, and being an absolute champion at always having a smile on her face.

Reflecting on her time with Rainey, Tiffany said, “She’s been my very best friend. There are no words to fully describe how amazing of a companion she’s been for almost a decade now.”

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