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2022’s Most Memorable Adoptions

Black and white shelter dog Domino sits on a leaf covered hill after being adopted. Domino was one of our most memorable adoptions in 2022.

We love ALL the animals who come through our doors, but we wanted to share the most memorable adoptions of 2022. 

Leo’s Adoption Story

Our staff was heartbroken by the sight of Leo’s condition when he arrived in early 2022. As one of the most extreme medical cases of the year, Leo would spend months in our care. Our staff fell head over heels for this sweet boy during that time. His adoption day was filled with tears of joy, knowing he was going on to live a healthy and happy life. 

Adoptable dog Leo poses with a teal bowtie collar on against a white backdrop.

Poe’s Adoption Story

Poe arrived at HSU in the fall of 2022. As a senior dog with minor health issues, he sat for over a month trying to find his perfect match. Poe won over our hearts after spending time in staff offices. Thankfully, he got adopted and found true love! Making Poe’s adoption story one of our most memorable.

Shelter dog Poe sleeps on a tan colored couch, resting his head on a pillow after being adopted.

Domino’s Adoption Story

Domino: Third time’s a charm for the tons of fun and then some, Domino. A wild child at heart, this young pup went through numerous homes before arriving at HSU. Unfortunately, his frat-boy antics needed some assistance from our behavior team. Luckily, he got the help he needed through our behavior team and after spending some time in a caring foster home. Then this lucky boy hit the jackpot with a loving family and a new canine companion. 

Shelter dog Domino lay on the ground smiling after getting adopted.

Sage’s Adoption Story

When Sage came into our care, she arrived with a group of guinea pigs. As social animals, we try and adopt them as bonded pairs or triplets. However, our Animal Care team quickly noticed the other piggies bullying Sage. So Sage was separated and placed by herself. Finally, her true personality started to shine, and she got adopted. Now she’s living her best life! 

Guinea Sage cuddles under blanket in adopted home.

Mitt’s Adoption Story

Mitts: Mitts was our longest-stay resident in 2022. Due to Mitts’ testy temperament, it took a while for her to find a home. One month passed by, then three, then five. During this time, she stopped eating regularly, and our adoption staff grew concerned for her well-being. They’d grown very fond of Mitts and wanted her to find a home, but they were losing hope. Then, in March 2022, David, a 69-year-old senior, read Mitts’ bio on our website and found her story appealing. He came in to meet her, and the rest was history! Now Mitts and David are keeping each other company. 

Shelter cat Mitts sits on  a chair in her new home.

We hope you find these stories as inspiring as we did. Thank you to all who’ve chosen adoption at HSU and granted a second chance to these deserving animals. Do you want to share your HSU adoption story with us? Join our Facebook group and share your story today!

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