Animal Behavior and Training

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Behavior and Training

Many pet owners experience behavioral issues that may create challenging and sometimes frustrating problems. Behavioral issues may lead a pet owner to consider rehoming their pet. This page is meant to provide you with information from trusted resources to educate and resolve some common issues.
If you are having behavioral issues with your newly adopted pet, please call the Humane Society of Utah Animal Behavior and Training Department at 801-506-2417 or email



Visit the following websites for information on behavior issues, basic care, and training for your pet:
Best Friends Animal Society
Jackson Galaxy Cat Tips
Kitten Lady
Dr. Patricia McConnell

Get more information about the following topics below.
* The inclusion of a service, organization or program in this listing is not an endorsement or recommendation. We are not able to guarantee the quality of these services and strongly suggest that you check them out yourself before using a specific service.
Positive Dog Training
Side By Side Dog Training
(801) 643-6272
Calling All Dogs
6088 S Highland Dr, Holladay, UT 84121
(801) 273-3647
Shake On It Dog Training
Serving: Salt Lake County, Utah County, Tooele County, Davis and Weber County
Facebook @shakeonitdogtraining
Pets Decoded, LLC
Serving: Salt Lake City, Park City and Utah Valley
(385) 202-0087
Three Little Pits
(435) 640-3143
Skye’s Dog Training
Service dog and emotional support dog training
From Beaks to Barks
Facebook @FromBeaksToBarks
Canines with a Cause
(801) 792-1737
Cat Declawing
Feline declawing is an elective and ethically controversial procedure, which is not medically necessary for cats. Declawing entails the amputation of a cat’s third phalanx [P3], or third ‘toe bone.’ Unlike human nails, cats’ claws are attached to the last bone in their toes. A comparison in human terms would be cutting off a person’s finger at the last joint of each finger. 
Read this helpful information from the American Association of Feline Practitioners about alternatives to declawing.
Cat House-Soiling
House-soiling is one of the most common reasons why pet owners relinquish their cats. Read this helpful information from the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

How to Afford a Service Dog
Introducing a New Pet to Pets at Home
We recommend that you do not immediately expose your existing pets to a newly adopted pet. Consider how you will manage an isolation period and be sure all existing pets are up to date on vaccinations and other routine health care before bringing a new pet home.
Facilitating positive pet-to-pet introductions will require some management on your part. Not all pets are instant friends and may require temporary or intermittent separation to ensure a smooth transition. Some pets are happy to share their home within a week or two, others may take a month or longer to adjust. Our adoption counselors will be happy to review steps to properly introduce your new pet to your resident pets.
View this fun video from Bad Rap for helpful tips.


Click HERE to read some helpful tips from Jackson Galaxy about introducing your new cat to a cat at home.