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Tormund Giantsbane's Hoppy New Beginning

Sara adopted Tormund Giantsbane, a 9-month-old male angora giant rabbit, from our Adoption Resource Center on Mother's Day. She'd seen his photo on our billboard on I-15 and thought he was beyond cute with his impossibly long and fluffy ears.  

Fluffy bunny in home

Little Dog's Big Journey

Blue Heeler poses on gray dog bed in studio

Tiny Dog is a playful and scruffy Australian Cattle dog with an easy-going demeanor. She's very friendly and good with kids, to name a few of the reasons why her guardians love her so much. 

A Gotcha Day Celebration!

Ryan and Lauri Vincent have fostered homeless dogs for the Humane Society of Utah for nearly two years, including senior dogs and three-month-old puppies with mange. Fostering is how they met Faith, their friendly and playful, nine-month-old pit bull breed type pup.

"Faith was around three days old when we first met her," Lauri explains. "She had to be fed Pedialyte through a syringe, or she would die. This experience bonded our family so intensely that it felt like she was our baby in a way. So we decided to make her a member of our family." 

There is no place like home, Will's story

Will, a four-year-old Australian Shepherd, needed surgery, and soon. He came to our Animal Resource Center suffering from severe bladder stones. As a result, he wasn't eating or drinking and was at high risk of acute renal failure. For Will to regain his health, our veterinarian recommended urgent surgery to remove the stones. The estimated cost of this operation was $3,400.   

His family stressed that they would do anything to ensure Will lived a long and healthy life — but unfortunately, they couldn't afford to pay for the surgery. 

Pythons, Lizards, and Tarantulas - Oh My!

Penelope, a four-foot-long Python, flicks her pink tongue up and out as she slithers across the Humane Society of Utah's auditorium floor. While this might sound terrifying to some, the small group of third and fourth graders watching her closely are more fascinated than afraid. "Can I hold her?" Mason, eight, asks with a polite raise of his hand. Mason adds that he has a corn snake at home, so he knows a thing or two about these legless creatures. 

A Special Evening to Thank Our Valued Employees & Volunteers

Cynthia Alex is super passionate about rabbits. She loves these adorable and inquisitive mammals so much that she's dedicated 27-years of her life volunteering at the Humane Society of Utah on their behalf. "When I tell people how long I've been volunteering, the response is often: 'Oh, wow. That sounds like a very emotionally draining commitment.' But for me, it isn't draining; it's empowering.

Know Before You Go, Hiking with Your Hound

Are you an avid adventurer who recently adopted a new dog? Or a newbie on the trail looking to bring your pup along on your new hobby? We'll cover the basics to make sure you and your dog are set up for success and safety on the trail.

Prepare Your Pup for the Trail

Believe it or not, dogs aren't born trail-ready. You'll need to work out exactly when your dog will be ready. This may depend upon their age, endurance level, or physical fitness.

4th of July hours and Safety Tips

The Humane Society of Utah's Independence and Pioneer Holiday Hours: 

Sunday, 7/4/21 Independence Day - Adoptions open 10-7, all other shelter departments closed

Observed Monday, 7/5/21- Adoptions open 12-5, all other departments closed.

Saturday, 7/24/21 Pioneer Day - Adoptions open 12-5, all other shelter departments closed.

Observed Friday, 7/23 Adoptions open 10-7, all other shelter departments closed.


Why Every day is ‘ National Take Your Dog to Work Day’ at Utah Humane

Winnie is our Education Ambassador Dog. Typically, she comes to work at our facility in Murray with her guardian (and our Humane Education Director), Caitlin, to teach kids and young people how to properly handle and care for dogs. Winnies’s role includes going into schools and attending our summer camp to help children who are scared or apprehensive about meeting a dog feel more comfortable. “Winnie is often the first dog a child has met after a bad experience or the first dog a child has ever met,” Caitlin says.