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Transfer & Rescue is truly the future of the Humane Society of Utah.

Humane Society of Utah Transfer & RescueTransfer & Rescue is one of the most critical and innovative programs at the Humane Society of Utah (HSU) — it is literally a life saver. The concept behind transporting animals between shelters and rescue groups, and even between different states, is as simple as supply and demand. Many shelters are overwhelmed with certain breeds of dogs and cats for whom there is not a strong demand, leaving those animals in facilities for too long and at risk of being euthanized. Meanwhile, other shelters and rescue groups are searching for pets that are eagerly sought after in their communities.

In 2013, HSU’s Transfer & Rescue department brought in 848 dogs and 31 cats. This number increased by an incredible 214% overall in 2014, totaling 2,770 animals. We attribute this growth to the completion of our building renovation and ability to hold more animals. In 2015, we continued to grow this program by another 11%, rescuing 3,064 animals. Notably, the increase in cat rescues in the last two years illustrates the success of finding new homes for rescued animals (97.8% of animals that we rescued in 2015 were adopted). 

In 2015, through the collaborative efforts of 240 partnering shelters and rescue groups, the HSU rescued 3,064 dogs and cats — most of whom were at a high risk of being euthanized due to overcrowding and lack of resources. We were able to provide many of these animals with medical care and behavioral intervention, and ultimately find them good new homes. Although most of these animals come to us via ground transports, we also receive flights of at-risk pets often.

Thanks to the community and the people who continue to come to our shelter to adopt, we are able to make having a family a reality for thousands more pets each year.