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At the Humane Society of Utah (HSU) we LOVE to hear about animals that were adopted from us. In addition to brightening our days, success stories help others learn about adopting from the HSU and the emotions connected with adopted animals.

If you are interested in sharing your HSU adoption story, visit our Humane Society of Utah Adopted Pets Facebook group.​ We routinely pull stories from there to share publically on our main Facebook Page.
If you're on Instagram instead, tag your adopted pet posts with #HSUPets or tag @UtahHumane to share with us.

Success Stories may be published on this website after review. By posting your pet's story to our group, you grant us permission to use your story and image(s) on our website and in other HSU publications, videos, and testimonials.


JoJo's Story

We adopted our sweet JoJo Age 11 and he is doing so well! He loves playing with his new brother, Pine Cone (Chorkie). His favorite activities are staring out the window, being held like a baby, licking your face and of course eating a good treat. He has his quirks but we are happy to be his last home in life, and hope to make it as happy as possible. Always adopt!

Baloo's Story

We adopted Baloo! We’ve wanted to get a dog forever and when Mattie brought Baloo back from the Humane Society we were instantly in love. He is a perfect dog for us and we are so happy that we went when we did. He stuck out to us on the website right away and he’s still making us fall in love with him! What a big sweetheart. (:

Lulu's Story

Lulu was the first time I adopted a pet of my very own and I think I was just as nervous as she was! When I got her she was scared and aggressive and would hoard food and toys and wasn’t potty trained. We worked and worked and I even helped socialize her by bringing her to work with me, they love when she comes to the office and so does she! Lulu has so much spunk and personality and is the best cuddler and has so much love to give always! She loves to follow me around and check up on me when she thinks I’ve been in the kitchen or shower too long!

Truffles' Story

We recently moved here from MN. My daughter was feeling lonely so we adopted Truffles a baby hamster. She has brought so much joy to us all!! Thank you



Foster Care Success-Mr. Opie

Jackie and Mr.Opie pic

Cosmo, a 6 1/2-year-old Exotic Shorthair, was surrendered by his owner to the Utah Humane Society in early February. After a declawing surgery had left painful fragments, Cosmo needed surgery to repair his paw along with an entropion surgery and a dental cleaning procedure. Entropion is a condition in which a portion of a cat's eyelid is turned inward against the eyeball rather than lying flush around it.

All Bark and All Bite for Philanthropy

Suba Bleu

Suba Bleu, a Humane Society of Utah alum, is a real community advocate! As Mark Miller Subaru’s Love Promise Ambassador, Suba Bleu Miller spends his 9-5 spreading love in our community. He’s a true believer in rolling in the dirt and getting his paws muddy not just to walk the walk but to bark the bark and be an example of the Subaru Love Promise.

Strudel's Story

My son adopted Strudel about 9 months ago. Strudel has become his emotional support dog. Getting him through the death of a grandma, two beloved family pets, the death of a friend, and the ending of a relationship. He is so loving and quirky we love when they visit. He has become all of our little buddy. He makes us smile even on the worst day. Thank you and thank God for Strudel!!!!!!!!

Archie's Story

We adopted Archie (previously Cooper) last September. I knew instantly that I needed to save him, and we have come to realize that he saved us! Archie was too afraid to walk on a leash, go through doors, get in a car, or meed new people. He would pancake on the floor and we had to pick him up to move him. Now, he loves his new home! He has made SO many new friends and he loves to run and play. His big (little) sister, absolutely adores him and helped him see the world isn't as scary as he thought. I suffer from Manic Depression and Archie knows when I am having an episode.

Korra's Story

This is our 7 year old rescue named Korra! She is the light of our lives! When we saw her at HSU, she was shaking and had lots of anxiety from being in a shelter. We could tell immediately that she needed a family who would give her all the attention and love. Korra loves her dad the most, but knows to run to mom to get her favorite treats. Her orange ball is her favorite toy and she has become so good at fetch! Korra touches the lives of everyone she meets and we are so grateful to HSU for the great care they took of her, until she came into our lives.