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Pet Profile
five months
hybrid Siamese; bobcat point
Silvie is friendly, likes to be held and fondled, and loves her littermate Merida with whom she plays. She is very athletic and curious. She seems quite healthy. She has no experience with dogs or cats outside of her litter. Our household is very mellow. She is shy until she gets to know and trust you. Not recommended for a household that has small children. Wants to be adopted with her littermate Merida. Recommend that she be an inside cat only; otherwise she might disappear. She spent her first two months outside with her doting feral mother, but has been in our house for the past three months. She and Merida are some of the best cats I have every had.
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* This pet is available for rehoming without any fees paid to the current guardian. The Humane Society of Utah supports good faith efforts to responsibly rehome and encourages both guardians and potential adopters to beware of fraud.