Rita & Cristina

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Pet Profile
Sandy UT
2 years
Pure bread Cocker spaniel black
Rita and Cristina are the most sweet dog we ever had . This is the most difficult thing we ever did but we do have to go back in Italy ( our home country) due to family circumstances and unfortunately we can’t take them with us. We just hope that somebody can take both of them together but we do understand that it will may be difficult . They are sisters and always leave together. They are potty trained and they rarely bark. They both are super sweet and good with adults and young kids. We do have a 3 months old baby and they are good with her. They love to cuddle . Rita has a cherry eye but we can get a surgery at our expensive.
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* This pet is available for rehoming without any fees paid to the current guardian. The Humane Society of Utah supports good faith efforts to responsibly rehome and encourages both guardians and potential adopters to beware of fraud.