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Pet Profile
Roughly 2 years old
Mix (black, possibly lab)
Pepper is a rescue dog who absolutely loves fetch, tug, sniffing, hiking, food, and cuddles. She will gladly sit on your lap and be pet all day long. She is a fast and enthusiastic learner and has learned several cues (positive reinforcement and treats work very well with her and would need to be her form of training in her new home). While she gets along pretty well with our dog, she has been fearful of all other dogs she's seen and would do best as a single pet with no children in the home. She has a diagnosed heart murmur that hasn't caused any issues and she is updated on all her vaccines. Our other dog is starting to not get along with her and with being in school, we can no longer afford two dogs, so we are trying to find the perfect forever home for Pepper. Contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to meet her.
Contact Information

* This pet is available for rehoming without any fees paid to the current guardian. The Humane Society of Utah supports good faith efforts to responsibly rehome and encourages both guardians and potential adopters to beware of fraud.