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Pet Profile
1.5 years
Holland Lop/Honey and White
Oliver likes to cuddle, play outside, and dig. He's very smart and loves to play games with us humans. He's litter box trained and neutered. He needs to be the only male rabbit. He's very territorial. He has never bitten anyone, even my young children who aren't always soft. I can't continue to manage two territories anymore. He would do well with a family that has space for him to be himself and be the only rabbit. Looking for a good home, where he has access to outside. He's been well loved the last year and a half since he was a baby. He just can't accept his brother in his space. His favorite treats are apples and any condensed timothy treat to chew on.
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* This pet is available for rehoming without any fees paid to the current guardian. The Humane Society of Utah supports good faith efforts to responsibly rehome and encourages both guardians and potential adopters to beware of fraud.