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Our Pet Retention Program is intended to provide help for pet owners who wish to keep their pet but are experiencing hardship. If you would like to speak with an Admissions Placement Coordinator about alternative options to surrendering your pet, email or click HERE to schedule a call Sunday through Friday. One of our Admissions Placement Coordinators will call you between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. for a 15-minute consultation to discuss alternatives and resources available.

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The Humane Society of Utah exists to provide lifesaving resources for animals in need. Owners may decide to surrender their pet(s) to HSU if they have no other available options. If you need to surrender your pet, please schedule an appointment through our Admissions page. If you have found a lost or stray animal, contact your local animal control services.


Click HERE if you are experiencing behavioral issues with your pet.


Find additional resources for common pet ownership issues below.

Rehome a Pet Yourself

As a responsible pet owner, you can rehome your pet and save them the stress of entering an animal shelter. You know your pet better than anyone, and with the resources on this Pet Retention page, you can find a new loving home for your pet. We encourage you to look into alternative solutions to keep your pet, if possible, before making the decision to rehome your pet.


Rehome by Adopt a and The Petco Foundation. Create a pet profile, receive applications, and screen potential adopters from your home. gives you a personalized adoption agreement that you and your adopter can sign online.
This website, founded by and the Petco Foundation, allows you to rehome your pet with peace of mind. You can create a profile for your pet, review applications of potential adopters, screen and meet adopters, and finalize the adoption with Adopt-a-Pet’s personalized adoption agreement. Your pet can go straight to a new home without experiencing the stressful shelter environment.
Home-to-Home - A Good Sam Animal Rescue program. Home-to-Home helps pet owners keep pets in their homes until a loving adopter is found, reducing the stress of the rehoming experience. They will help you keep your pet in your home until a loving adopter is found, reducing the stress of the rehoming experience. They offer a full range of services to support you and your pet during what is often an emotional process. 
This website helps to reduce the stress of the rehoming experience. Adopters can obtain their new companions directly from the owner, ensuring that the pet never has to see the inside of a shelter. 


A New Beginning Animal Rescue
Phone: (801) 916-3924
This organization has limited admissions. To make an appointment and to receive a copy of the Surrender Contract and Incoming Pet Profile, email
Rescue Rovers
Phone: (435) 565-4031
Dog rescue that will take owner surrenders. You must fill out an owner surrender application online. You should receive a response from the Rescue Rover team within a week. Keep in mind it can take up to a couple weeks for a foster home to be made available for your dog.
Because Animals Matter (Hurricane, UT)
Phone: (435) 773-5209
This organization has limited admissions. BAM may ask you to continue housing your pet until an adoptive home is found. This can reduce the stress of the rehoming experience.
Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue
Phone: (801) 750-0527 (Susan)
This organization will only take English or British Bulldogs.
Herding Haven
This organization accepts herding breeds from the public on a case by case basis.
Affordable Vet Care

Need assistance paying for veterinary care? Visit the following sites:


Pet Samaritan Medical Aid

The Mosby Foundation

The Pet Fund

Ozzy Foundation

Brown Dog Foundation

Downtown Dog Rescue

Housing Resources
Some apartments do not allow cats or dogs. View this Apartment Guide to see places that allow pets before signing a rental agreement.
Additional Resources:
Pet Allergies

Pets provide companionship and fun, but for some people, a dog or cat can also trigger sneezing, sniffles and worse. 

There is a myth that pet allergies are caused by animal hair. Click HERE to read information from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Community Cats

Community cats (also known as feral, stray or free-roaming cats), are the most-at-risk animals in shelters throughout the U.S. Since community cats are at great risk of being killed if they enter shelters, many shelters and rescue groups ensure that they do not end up there by organizing and operating humane trap/neuter/return (TNR) programs. Trap/neuter/return is a comprehensive management plan in which healthy community cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and then returned to their outdoor communities. 

Best Friends Animal Society (Sugarhouse, UT)
Phone: (801) 432-2124
Contact for information about community cats and TNR programs

Salt Lake County Animal Services TNR

Read our Kitten Season Reminders before surrendering a litter of found kittens.

Pet Food

Do you need assistance feeding your pet? We may be able to help! Email us for information about our Pet Food Bank at

You can also contact the Utah Food Bank for assistance with pet food.


Which pet food should you feed your pet? 

Best Dog Food Consumer Reviews

Best Cat Food Consumer Reviews

Human Resources

Salt Lake County Homeless Services

Shelter the Homeless

Salt Lake County Coordinated Entry Standards


Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

The Purple Paw ProjectNuzzles and Co.
Phone: (435) 649-5441
Resource for domestic abuse survivors; specifically, a place where survivors can temporarily leave their pets while they seek safe refuge and permanent housing solutions.