Problems Chaining Dogs

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The Nature Of The Dog

Dogs are, by nature, social animals needing a 'pack' for companionship or they become lonely and bored. In a one-dog family, you are their pack. If ignored, they may become highly stressed, resulting in improper attempts to attract your attention. A dog should be included as a part of the family unit and live in a healthful and interesting environment. A major requirement is adequate exercise.

Animals are very much like people, in that they most enjoy life if they have a purpose and obtain satisfaction in fulfilling that purpose. You would be wise to not own a dog unless you have adequate time to devote and care enough about the animal and its emotional needs to 'be there' and spend time with it. When you are not at home, a dog should either have a companion animal or toys for amusement to assist in occupying its time until your return.


Chaining a dog outside denies it basic needs. Dogs kept on ropes, chains, or other types of anchoring devices suffer from increased stress as they know they are vulnerable and unable to protect their property outside of the area in which they are confined. It leaves the dog without stimulation.

These animals can develop unwanted behaviors, including excessive barking, destructiveness, digging, hyperactivity, timidity, increased protective or fear aggression, predatory aggression when other animals or children enter the area of confinement, separation anxiety, or an exaggerated greeting response upon your return. They also suffer from entanglement and frustration from an inability to move, reach feed, water, shade, or shelter; or the more serious possibility of choking or hanging.


A confined dog may bark at every noise, even if it is unable to observe its source. It may bark at people walking by or those entering the property, including friends, neighbors, delivery personnel, Postal Service carriers, or utility company employees. The dog may continue to bark even after the original cause is no longer present. Eventually, the dog may simply bark from habit.


DO NOT keep your dog tied outside for any extended period. Instead, take the dog outside with you or other family members for training, play, exercise, or walks.

REMEMBER - Animal ownership = R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y!