Fire - A Life-Threatening Hazard To Animals

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The examples listed above show the dangers presented to family pets and livestock from fire. If you have pets in your home or before leaving pets alone in your home, take the following precautions, if possible: test your home’s smoke detectors regularly, make sure any cigarettes are completely out, unplug coffee makers, irons or any other heat-producing appliances, make sure that grills, ovens and stoves are turned off, store flammable chemicals safely, don’t allow wood chips, paper, or sawdust to accumulate, don’t overload power outlets or extension cords, blow out any candles or other flame-related devices, keep areas around water heaters, furnaces and gas heaters clear of flammable materials, and keep your clothes dryer lint trap and vent clear.

If you have pets in your home you can obtain and post “Pet Alert” stickers on your access doors to inform firefighters of your pet’s presence.. You can purchase these stickers at: