Zoey's Story

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Zoey pic

When we first met Zoey, we thought she was adorable. We have taken her camping and what hound wouldn't enjoy all of those smells! LOL. She had been adopted 4 other times and she is only a year old. I know that she was misunderstood. She is so lovable that she just wants to be petted and touched. She is a handful and still needs a lot of work but she is here to stay. She runs full throttle in the back yard and loves to sleep in the sun. The biggest problem with her is she steals food from anywhere that she can reach. I baked cookies tonight and she snuck in and snarfed up a whole pan full. 

She has met the youngest grandkids and did great. She gets better everyday. She has filled the empty void we had from the loss of our other dog. We have found our little girl and won't ever let her go. She exhausts me everyday, but I can do the same for her. You can see in the pictures that I pooped her out. 

Thank you so much for letting us adopt our little girl Zoey.
-- Claudia
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