Winky's Story

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My boyfriend and I decided on a whim one day to come in and walk dogs. Before we left we ended up walking through the cats and "just looking". It only took me 3 days to decide I was going back for a kitty! When we came in to look we knew we were specifically looking for a black cat since they have such a hard time being placed into homes. We had 3 cats we were trying to choose from and decided to spend some time with one. We got the smallest most timid cat first and spent some quality time with her. We knew without a doubt that she was the one we wanted. Unfortunately I had to wait about 2 weeks to bring her home because of some things we were getting worked out at home to make it a perfect fit! I called in a couple days before we picked her up to see if she was still there and there must have been a miscommunication because we were told she had be adopted out. They day we went in, we were planning on starting from scratch to pick the best one for us. We happened to walk by the room where she had been and low and behold! There she was! Within a couple hours we had paid for her, signed all the paperwork and had already had her chipped! She has come out of her shell so much in the last 2 months!! Our little Winky(Harry Potter) is a sassy little thing who thoroughly enjoys snuggles and lots of play time! She is mischievous and feisty with the cutest amount of attitude! We could not have asked for a better fit!!

-- Mellyn

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