Tootsie's Story

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Tootsie pic
We adopted Tootsie on July 31st, 2015. We had her on trial for a few weeks prior and fell in love. We named her Tootsie because she is so sweet. She fits in perfectly with my husband, me and our dog Boo Radley. She is a sweet, timid girl that loves to be loved on. She is a professional sleeper, loves to be tucked into a blanket and holds the title for "Best Snore" in our house. Her pink belly with black spots remind me of a mini cow and is totally adorable. Her tail wags faster than any dog I've ever met and it is machine gun quick when we get up to let her out of her kennel in the morning. She is silly and goofy and has taught Radley how to play. She is excellent on a leash and loves our daily morning walks. She has a ton of muscle on a small body so she is game to go for as long as we want to. She'll have a backpack soon that matches her furry brother's to burn off more of that athletic energy. She has all the grace of a dump truck but that's what makes it so fun to watch her run around and play.
-- Whitney

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