Tips for Hiking with your Dog

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You might not know, but Utah Humane Society has a team of certified animal behavior experts. They work with the long-term animals in our care to give them the skills and manners they need to be the best furry citizens and companions they can be. They also provide opportunities to help you with your pets, too! 
This past season, our behavior team hosted a Hiking Hounds series of outdoor training classes. The hikes are a great way for participants and their dogs to learn new training techniques, enjoy the great outdoors, and make new friends. Different areas are being scheduled throughout the summer, so check for the next scheduled date. If you can’t attend one of these classes, you and your dog can still enjoy the trails by following these tips:
  1. Obey all leash laws. Off-leash dogs running up to other dogs creates a safety risk for the dogs and humans.
  2. Use a well-fitting harness. A regular collar can put too much pressure on your dog’s throat, causing injury. 
  3. Pick up after your dog. It’s the right thing to do.
  4. Bring lots of water - Offer your dog water early and often
  5. Pack good snacks. Ensure you’re more interesting than the distractions your dog will encounter with a pocketful of smelly, tasty treats.
  6. Pay attention to the weather. Dogs should not hike in extreme temperatures.
  7. Work on recall. Even if you never plan to let your dog off-leash, accidents happen, and you don’t want a dropped leash or slipped harness to result in your dog running off and getting lost.
  8. Do a post-hike full body examination. Check your dog for goat heads, foxtails, and ticks, especially in the ear and between toes.