Teague's Story

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On June 9, 2017 my 13 year old son and I stopped by the Humane Society to visit Kitty City. We have a spoiled, obnoxious 7 year old Siamese, Sam at home and have never thought about getting a second cat, just stopped by to visit and scratch a few chins. Five days later I received an email for an adoption event that weekend. I showed it to my son and something just told me we should go. If, a big IF, we get another cat, I wanted an older kitten or one about a year old. Saturday 6/17/17 we get up early and head to the PetsMart for the adoption event. With both us being cat lovers it doesn't surprise me when my son spots a terrified, timid little brown tabby kitten, about 10 weeks old who is in a bottom cage with about 4 playful tabby kittens. Megan, the wonderful young lady helping us with our kitty search gets the scared little guy out for us to see. Now Blitz A112043 is snuggled safely by my son who has no interest in any of the other cats or kittens at the event. We walk around a bit longer looking and Megan answers questions and gets his paperwork so we can see his history. I am concerned that he is so timid and we have a fat Siamese at home that he will have to deal with. Megan was so helpful with suggestions on introducing them and my son is not putting this kitten down. I finally realize that this kitten is The One and he is going home with us. So Blitz became Teague who just turned 1 year old and got a new cat tower for his birthday. He has the sweetest personality and is a snuggler, a cuddler, a kisser and a lover of warm fuzzy blankets. He wants to be where we are at all times and will follow us around the house. Teague and Sam get along well and are great buddies. I can't tell you how much we love him. I don't know if they remember things but he lives like he appreciates his family (human and feline) and his forever home. He is such a big part of our family now, I don't know what we did without him in our lives. He is inside, safe and has a 2nd floor deck that he can bird watch and spy on our neighbors or lounge in the sun. He has a perch in a window that he loves to sit in. Sometimes you have to follow your heart. I am glad that out of the blue we decided to go to the adoption event and that I followed a Mom's instinct when my son chose that timid, terrified kitten. Teague is an absolute lovable joy. Thanks to all at the Humane Society of Utah for taking such good care of him and letting us know where to find him. Saving a life and giving a wonderful animal a forever home is such a great feeling. Take a chance and in return get unconditional love and heartfelt companionship.

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