Subaru Loves Pets Event

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Dogs and cats along the Wasatch Front receive free pet microchips

Wasatch Front Subaru Retailers partnered with the Humane Society of Utah to offer the first Subaru Loves Pets Event Feb. 14, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wasatch Front Subaru Retailers purchased 1,250 Avid Microchips and offered 250 to be implanted free of charge to pet owners at each of their five retailer locations. A total of 700 microchips were implanted in dogs and cats by Banfield Pet Hospital licensed veterinarians and technicians during the event. Registered microchips offer a permanent way to identify a pet and provide owner contact information if the pet is ever lost or displaced.

“Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify your pet and be reunited if they ever go missing,” said Pauline Edwards, HSU clinic director. “We’re excited that Banfield has donated their staff’s time to help with the microchipping process during this event.”

Fifty microchips have been given to employees of Wasatch Front Subaru Retailers to be implanted at the HSU Clinic; the remaining 500 have been donated by Subaru to HSU to be implanted in the shelter’s newly received animals. Edwards estimates the microchips will last one month given the current intake of animals.

HSU also received $375 in cash donations during the event.

Some Subaru retailers also offered free pet tags, bandanas, collapsible water bowls and lanyards to pet owners who brought their furry friend to get the free microchip.

The Humane Society of Utah would like to extend their thanks to Young Subaru, Nate Wade Subaru, Mark Miller Subaru Midtown, Mark Miller Subaru South Towne, Doug Smith Subaru, Banfield Pet Hospital, and HSU staff and volunteers who helped make this event successful and provide this service to so many Utah pets.