Star's Story

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Star pic
I got my sweet Star December 2014. I had another bunny named Snuggles and he needed a companion. So when I went to the Humane Society I was specifically looking for a friend for him. I looked at all the bunnies and all of them were nippy or already had a companion. All except star. She came right up to me when I opened her cage and started licking me. I knew she was the one! That night I got a tote and she slept in my rooms with me. She actually ended up on my bed with me because I was so happy to have her!

Star has already been there for me and for Snuggles. I got him neutered shortly after I got her. When we got back from surgery I was hesitant to put him in with her, but she was so anxious to see him that I decided to put them together. She was AMAZING! She snuggled him tight and just loved him while he felt awful! I slept better at night because I knew she would take care of him.

I am so grateful the Humane Society took her in and took care of her so I could adopt her. She is such a blessing and I know I can always snuggle with her whenever I'm sad and she will let me smother her!

-- Nicole
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