Socii's Story

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When we adopted Socii (previously Lokie, but the names were similar enough that he made the switch right away!), we were looking for an anxiety support animal. I was having horrible insomnia, nightmares, and trouble sleeping. I had previously owned rats that were content to be held at all hours of the day. whenever I needed something to calm me down, but they died quite early in their lives and I was left without a pet. My parents took me to the shelter and I looked around for a cat. I started in the first room and went through every single room except one, because there was another family in there. All the cats were cute, and my dad wanted me to adopt a kitten, but none of the animals really... clicked with me. I was disappointed and ready to choose a kitten, hoping it would grow up and become my best friend when I went back out to look at an older cat I was considering. I stopped in the one room I had missed before. This room seemed to have all the misfits: a one eared cat, a big fat cat, and a painfully thin cat with half of his back completely shaved. I checked his papers and saw he had just had a sebaceous cyst removed from his back. He came right up to me and meowed, and I picked him up. He molded perfectly into the shape of my body! He was warm and his head was soft, and he purred very loudly. The second I picked him up, I knew he was the one. My dad came in the room, and I showed him my choice. The thin, half shaved, matted cat looked at my dad. "This one's ugly!" my dad scoffed. "Don't you want a beautiful little kitten?" I told him no, I wanted this one, and after much begging, he agreed to adopting Socii. He WAS an ugly cat. His tail was matted with an unidentifiable substance, and he had bright purple stitches standing out against his ginger fur. We took him home, trimmed his tail, brushed his fur, and cleaned him up. He got his stitches out and his fur grew back. The once ugly cat is now a gorgeous little prince who sleeps by my side every night, refuses to drink from anywhere but the bathroom sink in the mornings, and prefers dog food over his cat food. I love my cat more than anything in the world. He's very calm and patient, and doesn't object to the occasional squeeze when I'm feeling anxious or sad. He's never bitten anyone out of meanness, and he's very playful. I wouldn't wish for any other cat. Thank you, HSU, for giving me my animal companion and best friend!

-- Kaila


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