Smoak's Story

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My husband and I just bought our own home. We have always been around our parents' animals and we noticed we missed that love and companionship having an animal in the home brings. We decided to go look for a cat at the Human Society. This first cat we looked at ended up being the one who stole our hearts! She sat there so quietly and patiently and she was rated one of the best cats with kids!
She really is the perfect cat for us. She is an 11-year-old tabby who we have named Smoak. As soon as we brought her home she was unzipping the cat carrier herself because she wanted to check out get new territory. We let her have free reign of the basement that first day, and by the second day she had free reign of the entire house! I have never seen a cat adjust so well that quickly! 
She is also my little cuddle bug. At night while watching tv or reading she will climb up on my chest and shoulder as if she was a baby and will lay there all night if I let her. She loves cuddles, her string, and brush. Our life has been so blessed just having her in our home and we are glad we adopted her from the Humane Society!

-- Katelyn


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