Shelter Diversion Programs

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Shelter diversion through pet retention and rehoming.

We have a great facility, and we work hard to provide the best possible care for the animals who come to us, but a shelter is still a stressful place for any animal. There is a shift in the animal welfare industry to divert animals from entering the shelter system when possible, thereby reserving the space and resources for the animals who need them most.
Our vision is to bring pets and people together and keep them together. Before deciding to surrender a pet to a shelter, we encourage owners to look into alternative solutions to keep or rehome their pets.
Our Pet Retention Program is intended to provide assistance and resources to pet owners who wish to keep their pets but are experiencing hardship. Will’s Story is an example of this program. 
Another important service that is part of our shelter diversion program is Private Pet Rehoming. As a responsible owner, you can rehome your pet and save them the stress of entering a shelter. You know your pet better than anyone, and you can find a new loving home for them with the resources we provide at

“We were able to find a wonderful family who are thrilled to take Nika in. We feel she will be very happy in her new home. And I just want to thank you for providing this service. It allowed us to find the right people who will love and take care of her just as much as we have.“ – Family who utilized our Private Pet Rehoming service

A shelter system may not be the best environment for every animal. We help pets who need us in more than one way, and encourage responsible pet ownership.