Roxy's Story

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Roxy, or sometimes called “The Wiggle”, has filled our home with love since we adopted her from The Humane Society. We first had to gain her trust by establishing a routine and gradually introducing her to new experiences. It wasn’t long before she accepted us into her heart.


Roxy’s personality is unique to any other dog I’ve known. She is usually stoic, distantly observant, anticipates my movements, and is sweet and quiet; qualities I would describe a cat. However, each day I come home, I can expect her on the other side of the door, ecstatic to see me, and transform into her alter ego, “The Wiggle”.


Roxy is very busy during the week. She visits a farm often where I keep my horse, and is learning to use her natural skills. Training is built into her daily routine, and has recently perfected the hand shake. She also enjoys going on short car rides and long walks around the neighborhood and fields, where she can sniff and pounce on imaginary varmints. Roxy doesn’t ask for much, just companionship, and in return gives our family a lot of love.


-- Sandra

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