Rosie's Story

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We went to the shelter to "look" at dogs, but knowing me, of course I was going to get one. We went in and looked at all the big dogs, all of them very very cute, but right when we got to June (her name was Rosie at the time) we knew she was the one. We took her out on a walk and I sat on the grass and she just plopped down next to me and I immediately started crying. I was so happy when we got her. At first, her fur was kind of gray and frizzy and dead, she was very scared, she wouldn't eat, and she was very quiet. Now, 6 months later, she has the fluffiest shiniest fur, she is so loving and cuddly, she loves treats, and she likes to bark when she hears the doorbell. She is a very happy dog, and she made us very happy people.

-- Rory

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