Rosco's Story

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Hi my name is Mallory & almost a year ago I adopted "peewee" who is now Rosco. Rosco is a German shepherd mix & is the absolute best dog I have ever had. He had some serious anxiety issues when we first got him, most likely from a past that was unpleasant. When I went to pick him up the described to me how he was missing some teeth in the front as well. Over the course of this year, it has been amazing me & Rosco both healing one another. He is so well behaved & I can take him anywhere he's allowed. I strongly encourage others that are seeking to adopt to look into getting a dog that's had some heartache. It's a bit more work yes but the reward is greater than I could have possibly imagined. Seeing him grow & learn has been so inspiring. Thank you, Utah Humane Society.

-- Mallory

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