Riku's Story

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In October, HSU featured a Black Cat special right before Halloween. My husband and I went expecting to get a kitty, but fell in love with an adult cat named Riku instead. The moment I entered his room, he came to me for attention. After sitting with him in my lap for several minutes, I knew that I had not come here to choose a cat - I had come here for this cat to choose me. 

I was told later that he was not normally very outgoing, so he must have been showing off for us! I fell in love with this boy - we even kept his name. He snuggles with me every night and helps when I experience anxiety. In the day, he loves to play or grab my toes as I walk by. When Animal Planet plays on the television, this cat is glued to the screen. He may be a mischief maker (especially when it comes to feet!), but he's the best mischief maker around. I was hesitant to get a cat because it would be my first, but I'm so glad I did, and that we had the opportunity to rescue such a sweet feline.


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